Meditation Classes -2019

Nourish yourself everyday by learning to meditate

Benefits and course details

Most of us live in a world full of things that just have to be done. Our constantly busy mind drags us from one thought or worry to another often leaving us stressed and exhausted.

Developing a regular meditation practice can significantly reduce tension and stress levels, lower high blood pressure, reduce pain and aid the healing process.  In addition, it can increase our ability to focus our attention.  It can also help us develop a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Beginners Meditation

(5 week course)

 This class is for anyone who wants to learn

how to meditate and experience the benefits of having a quieter mind.  It is designed for those new to meditation or for more experienced meditators who want to establish a regular meditation practice.

Over the 5 weeks you will experience a variety of different meditation techniques and have an opportunity to experience and understand the practice of Mindfulness to help you rediscover your inner quiet.

Starts:Friday 3rd May 6 pm until 7pm

Venue: The Natural Health Service, Page Street,  Swansea SA1 4EZ