Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage (IHM) can be traced back for many thousands of years, which has been passed down through families generation after generation. 

Although the techniques used vary from area to area, each involves, in the main, the same moves.  Nearly all incorporated the arms, back shoulders and neck as well as the face and head.  Whilst the practice was used to keep mind and body in a state of “wellness”, the bond between the family members was improved. 

IHM can benefit an individual in a number of ways.  These include

·         Relaxation

·         Increased oxygenation of the tissues

·         Improved blood circulation to congested muscles

·         Stimulation and improvement of lymph circulation

·         Relief of neck and shoulder stiffness

·         Aids removal of toxins from tight muscles

·         Breaks down nodules and knots enabling joints to have more mobility

·         Can relieve sinusitis, congestion, headaches, migraine and insomnia as well as eye     strain, tinnitus, jaw ache ...

·         Can help with hair growth

·         Can aid concentration

·         Helps release anxiety

·         Usually brings a sense of calmness 

The treatment is given without the client undressing and they remain seated throughout the process.