Gemsonus workshop

This is a fascinating day and will appeal to anyone who is interested in how sound creates form and the creative notes of crystals.  All of which help us to understand the Universe and ourselves better. The following topics are covered on the day:

  • Sound Creates form  
  • Sounds of Precious Stones and the impact they make
  • Cellular Memory 
  • Ultraviolet Emissions of Minerals
  • The Holographic Body
  • The Energy Signature of Precious Stones 

Please email for list of dates

Cost £50

 D.E.V.A – Dimensional Energy Voice Analysis Consultation

The basic principles of D.E.V.A. is to reintroduce the harmonic fields found in nature into our lives using the musical frequencies of nature's flora. These help to:

Release feel good endorphins and to support a health immune system.

  • To nourish and feed the physical and emotional bodies so harmonizing the system assist in releasing limited belief systems and stress
  • Synchronize rhythm, melody, harmony with a sense of being connected and balanced 
  • Open a gateway to Soul Consciousness 

DEVA- Dimensional Energy Voice Analysis


  • Personal voice patterned chart
  • Note Correlation
  • Aura and Chakra tones
  • Soul Aspects
Products sent by post to rebalance the body