Develop your Natural Psychic Abilities

Have you ever walked into a room and felt an unpleasant or happy ‘atmosphere’?   Have you ever wondered why, when you have been for a walk along the beach or simply sat in your garden with the plants and flowers, you have felt more relaxed and at peace with the world?  Have you ever met someone and either liked or disliked them immediately?  We are all psychic, whether we realise it or not.  Being psychic means that on a very subtle level we are aware of energies different to our own and our brain automatically registers whether we are comfortable with these other energies or not.

 If you would like to better understand and have an opportunity to develop your natural psychic abilities further then this workshop is for you.

10am to 4.30pm at the Natural Health Service Swansea

Cost £50


Workshop Programme  

  • what does’ being psychic’ actually mean
  •  how does psychisum work
  • psychic prediction – true or false
  • developing an awareness of your own psychic energy
  • sensing and attuning to the energies of others, objects
  • learning to trust what you sense
  • allowing your thoughts to flow
  •  sensing and seeing colours
  • learning to relax and allow the colours to appear
  • drawing the aura