We are all going through a time of great change on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.  Times of change can often be difficult and can create fear for most of us.  As we look around our world we can see many people awakening to the influx of new energies, questioning their, traditionally held beliefs about themselves and the world.  

As we seek a greater understaning of who we are  and where we fit into the universal pattern.  Our self awareness and sensitivity grows, and our consiousness expands.  This can result in us feeling out of balance as we try to process these energies.  This is where crystals can really help and support us, assisting in bringing a balance through our whole energy system.


Workshop 1: Supporting the Physical and Higher Physical Body

Workshop 2: Supporting the Emotional and Higher Emotional Body

Workshop 3: Supporting the Mind and Higher Mind

Workshop 4: Understanding the Spiritual body and the 3 Transpersonal chakras

Please email Jacqui for latest dates

 Cost: £50 per workshop