What Happens during a Butterfly Therapy Treatment?

A full consultation will take place before the therapy begins and the therapist will explain what will take place during the session.  You have the opportunity to ask questions.

 You will remain fully clothed and only asked to remove your shoes.  You will then be invited to lay on a couch or if you prefer sit in a recliner chair.  The treatment normally lasts for approximately 1 hour.  As clients can sometimes feel a little cold during a treatment a blanket may be put over you before your treatment begins, or kept to hand in case needed. 

 Each butterfly fragrance is unique and carries  the vibrational signature of a particular butterfly, each fragrance can be used to support a different part of the body, emotions, mind and spirit. For example the Holy Blue or Purple Emperor signature fragrance can be used during a treatment to help balance energies at the throat and top of the head, respectively.  Up to 10 different signature fragrances can be used during a treatment which is tailored to suit individual needs.

The therapist places an amount of the appropriate fragrance onto their hands and then places his/her hands near various parts of the body, including the head, torso, knees and feet, keeping their hands in that position for several minutes, before moving to the next position.

The first appointment will last for approximately 1hour and 20 minutes (to enable a full initial consultation).  All further appointments will last for approximately 1 hour.

Every body is different but you are likely to feel very relaxed and might feel some warmth and tingling during the treatment. You will be given a few minutes at the end of the treatment to continue relaxing.  You will also receive some after care advice from your therapist to help you feel  the most benefit from your treatment


Potential benefits of Butterfly Therapy

Butterfly energy is about self-transformation and change and we believe is supported by the healing angels.

  • It is said that Butterfly energy can help re-balance the whole person, in mind, body and spirit
  • Deeply relaxing easing symptoms of tension and stress
  • Uplifting and has a positive impact on mood
  • Increases a sense of health and well being
  • Brings a sense of well being whilst working to balance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies.

Cost: £30 per session